Puppet Master George Sorrows is a NAZI

Do not listen to this if you are dumbed down.. it is to important for dumb people. 

The Truth – Rothschild & the Khazar History – Documentary

Published on Jan 18, 2015

The history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in A.D. 740 converted to Judaism. Khazaria, a conglomerate of Aryan Turkic tribes, was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western (Ashkenazim) Jewry…

The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain.

Thereafter the Khazars found themselves in a precarious position between the two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium and the triumphant followers of Mohammed.
As Arthur Koestler points out, the Khazars were the Third World of their day, and they chose a surprising method of resisting both the Western pressure to become Christian and the Eastern to adopt Islam. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism.

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Beautiful Ross Lake Rocky Mountains Skagit River Valley British Columbia and USA

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Off Roading From Canada Through Forest From BC Into USA – Across Canada Road Trip

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1962 Pontiac Parisienne Chilliwack British Columbia

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1962-pontiac-parisienne6972 1962-pontiac-parisienne5452Please scroll down for full gallery

1962-pontiac-parisienne6973 1962-pontiac-parisienne5528

1962 Pontiac Parisienne Chilliwack British Columbia – Across Canada Road Trip

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Vultures and Ravens Feasting On Salmon in Fraser River at Hope in British Columbia

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vultures-hope-bc_5255This was filmed in early 2016

Vultures and Ravens Sharing a Salmon in Hope BC

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