Why is Dawn Light Breaking at 3 am in British Columbia


Uploaded on Jun 18, 2016

see photos below



Felix Siam
very interesting, my friend in Seward Alaska only gets twilight in the summer. If we place you on an equidistant map, you’re closer to there now!

Ken Eisnor
Just a couple of days ago here in Halifax I thought I over slept because the light coming through my window made me think it was at least 9am. It was still only 6am. thankyou for your great videos. I also noticed once I got to work, it seemed that the sun was coming up a bit more from the north.

Many have also told me they believe the sun is now rising in the north..Pole Shift is real
Elizabeth M
bizarre, like many things in the sky these days

Here in eastern Ontario, near Cornwall, it the same thing but the light starts in the north, very strange ..

I have noticed the Sun is much much brighter than it was years ago when we were young.maybe the ozone is gone and the chemtrails are magnifying the sun?

This is par for mid-summer as I remember it as a child.
Latitutde Bubba, not longitude.
This is not mid summer
Finn MacDonald
You’d you get to bc?
Theresa T
This is why I have been trying to find a way to communicate with you. You are such a good photographer, I initially found your site through searching for info on Nibiru.

You took some awesome pics when you lived in the high rise but stopped suddenly reporting on it. well, you need to check out some videos by a Jeff P and a Steve Olson.

I know you are like a badger when you seize a cause so I am hoping that you will start documenting for those of us who are following this subject. Time is running out.

Jeff P The Nibiru Watcher https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ72zU8h725kKqTT4KS7lfw

Click on first image.


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