Thank you for coming.. I have moved from Halifax Nova Scotia where I have been doing photography for many years which you can view here.. http://TheVisionaryFolkPhotographer.com

Also https://quebecsvisionaryfolkphotographer.wordpress.com

I have now traveled over 20,000 kilometers by car all the way from the Halifax Nova Scoti of eastern shore of Canada in the Maritimess which is on the Atlantic ocean and going to the west coast of Canada to Vancouver British Columbia which is on the Pacific ocean…

I will be doing photography and videos along the way and will not be able to unload anything to this website until I get settled into my new home.. I am now living in to Montreal Quebec.

It will take all winter long to add all the content here. This site will contain HD videos and full sized photos up to 5000 pixels which you can download for free and use them for your desktop photo or for personal non profit use. See copyright notice below.

Thank You from Daniel J Towsey


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