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Here you will find some of my videos I did while driving across Canada starting May 1 2016 leaving Halifax Nova Scotia and Going to Vancouver British Columbia.See full series here.

NOTE; I have now creating another photo site dedicated to the Province of Quebec.

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Trump Hater blocks A Truth Soldier’s Car in Montreal

Published on Nov 18, 2016
I was slowly driving up to make a right turn and she makes a left and drives right up to my stopped car and blocks me when she had lots of room to drive around me if she had stayed on the right side where she belonged. It truly amazes me that someone would say anything about Donald Trump in Montreal Quebec Canada..

Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, Quebec

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Entering Quebec at New Brunswick Border – Across Canada Road Trip

Arrived in Quebec from New Brunswick – Across Canada Road Trip

Laurentian Mountains in Quebec

on hwy 20 west from New Brunswick

on hwy 20 west from New Brunswick


Laurentian Plateau Quebec

Near the St.Lawrence Seaway on hwy 20 west from New Brunswick

St Lawrence Seaway Quebec


Crossing Bridge to Quebec City

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